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America’s 10 Best Lobster Rolls: From Coast to Coast, a Seafood Delight

When it comes to iconic American dishes, the lobster roll stands tall as a culinary treasure that captures the essence of the sea. Bursting with succulent chunks of fresh lobster meat, nestled in a buttery, toasted roll, and often accompanied by a touch of mayo or melted butter, the lobster roll is a delicacy that seafood lovers crave. From the shores of Maine to the vibrant streets of New York City and beyond, here are ten of the best places in America to savor this delectable treat.

Introduction: Celebrating the Allure of Lobster Rolls

The lobster roll, a quintessential American dish, has a storied history deeply rooted in the coastal regions of the country. This delightful seafood creation has evolved from humble beginnings into an irresistible culinary treasure enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

1. Red’s Eats – Wiscasset, Maine: A Roadside Legend


Located in the charming town of Wiscasset, Maine, Red’s Eats is a legendary roadside shack that has been serving up mouthwatering lobster rolls for decades. Prepared with a generous serving of fresh lobster meat, lightly dressed in mayo or melted butter, and cradled in a perfectly buttered roll, Red’s Eats offers an unforgettable lobster roll experience.

2. Eventide Oyster Co. – Portland, Maine: A Creative Twist on Tradition


In the vibrant city of Portland, Maine, Eventide Oyster Co. has garnered fame for its inventive take on the classic lobster roll. Their version features succulent lobster meat drenched in nutty brown butter and served in a steamed bun, elevating the taste to new heights.

3. Neptune Oyster – Boston, Massachusetts: A Taste of New England Elegance


Nestled in Boston’s North End, Neptune Oyster is a seafood haven where visitors can indulge in a delightful traditional lobster roll. Packed with tender lobster meat, a hint of mayo, and a touch of seasoning, their lobster roll captures the essence of New England’s coastal flavors.

4. The Clam Shack – Kennebunkport, Maine: A Local Gem with Flavorful Delights


A beloved spot in Kennebunkport, Maine, The Clam Shack is famous for its delectable lobster rolls, drawing locals and tourists alike. Their lobster roll boasts generous portions of succulent lobster meat, coated in just the right amount of mayo, and served in a buttery roll for an unforgettable taste.

5. Luke’s Lobster – New York City, New York: Urban Sizzle and Seafood Sustainably


Luke’s Lobster, a renowned chain found across various locations, including New York City, takes pride in its commitment to sustainability and fresh seafood. Their lobster roll features tender chunks of lobster meat, a drizzle of melted butter, and a dash of secret spices, all nestled in a toasted split-top bun.

6. Bob’s Clam Hut – Kittery, Maine: A Classic Seafood Joint


In the picturesque town of Kittery, Maine, Bob’s Clam Hut is a classic seafood joint that satisfies seafood cravings with its delectable lobster rolls. Bursting with sweet and succulent lobster meat, Bob’s Clam Hut brings the essence of the sea straight to your plate.

7. Lobster Landing – Clinton, Connecticut: Coastal Charm and Delectable Lobster


Nestled in Clinton, Connecticut, Lobster Landing is a hidden gem offering a simple yet delightful lobster roll experience. With picturesque waterfront views, this charming seafood shack serves up a no-frills, buttery lobster roll that allows the natural flavors to shine.

8. The Lobster Roll (Lunch) – Amagansett, New York: A Hampton’s Tradition


Affectionately known as “Lunch,” The Lobster Roll in Amagansett, New York, has become a Hampton’s tradition. Their classic lobster roll showcases tender lobster meat, a touch of mayo, and a hint of lemon, all served in a delightful beachside atmosphere.

9. Row 34 – Boston, Massachusetts: Upscale and Unforgettable


For those seeking an upscale lobster roll experience, Row 34 in Boston, Massachusetts, is the place to be. Their sophisticated take on the classic lobster roll combines perfectly cooked lobster with a buttered brioche roll, creating a sumptuous delight for seafood connoisseurs.

10. Markey’s Lobster Pool – Seabrook, New Hampshire: A Family Legacy by the Water


Markey’s Lobster Pool in Seabrook, New Hampshire, is a cherished family-owned spot offering a scrumptious lobster roll with a view. With a legacy spanning decades, this seafood haven serves up a delightful lobster roll experience with its stunning waterfront location.

Conclusion: A Seafood Lover’s Journey Across America

Embarking on a gastronomic adventure through America’s ten best lobster rolls is a culinary journey that captures the essence of coastal charm and seafood delight. From the traditional offerings to creative twists, each destination serves up a unique lobster roll experience that leaves seafood lovers craving for more.


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