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8 Styling Hair Looks to Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Dreaming of voluminous, luscious locks? Explore 8 Styling Hair Looks to Make Your Hair Look Thicker, fuller hair. In this guide, we unveil a collection of techniques and styles that enhance volume, adding dimension and depth to your hair.

These styling tips encompass a range of options, from strategic layering to creative updos and braids, all aimed at maximizing the appearance of thickness. Whether you have fine or thin hair, these looks offer versatile solutions to elevate your hairstyle game.

Navigating ways to make your hair look thicker can feel daunting, but these 8 styling looks simplify the process. They’re not just about styling; they’re about embracing techniques that play with textures and shapes, enhancing the appearance of your hair’s fullness and density.

Embrace these clever styling tricks to transform your hair, achieving the coveted appearance of thicker locks. Let these versatile looks be your guide to mastering the art of voluminous hair and exuding confidence with every style you flaunt.

Styling Hair Looks to Make Your Hair Look Thicker

1. Voluminous Curls 

Voluminous curls are a fantastic way to add thickness and body to your hair. By using a curling iron or hot rollers, you can create bouncy, full curls that give the illusion of thicker hair. Start by applying a volumizing mousse or spray to damp hair to add texture and hold. Then, section your hair and begin curling small portions at a time, wrapping them around the barrel away from your face for a natural look.

Once all sections are curled, let the hair cool before gently running your fingers through the curls to loosen them. Finish with a light-hold hairspray to maintain the volume throughout the day. The curls not only add depth but also create an airy, fuller appearance, making your hair look beautifully thick and voluminous.

2. Textured Beach Waves

Textured beach waves are a breezy, effortless style that can give the appearance of thicker hair. To achieve this look, start by spritzing a sea salt spray onto damp hair to create texture. Divide your hair into sections and braid each section loosely. Use a hairdryer to gently heat the braids or leave them to air dry. Once dry, undo the braids and tousle your hair with your fingers to enhance the waves.

Alternatively, use a curling wand or iron to create loose waves, varying the direction of the curls for a natural effect. Finish with a texturizing spray to add definition and hold. These tousled waves not only add dimension but also create the illusion of fuller, thicker hair with a relaxed, beachy vibe.

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3. Layered Haircut

A layered haircut involves cutting the hair at different lengths throughout, creating layers that add dimension and volume, making the hair appear thicker. This style works for various hair lengths and textures. The layers are strategically cut to frame the face and add movement while reducing bulkiness. Shorter layers create lift and volume, especially around the crown, while longer layers offer texture and depth.

This cutting technique removes excess weight from the hair, allowing it to fall more freely and giving the illusion of thicker locks. Layered haircuts also offer versatility, allowing for various styling options, from tousled and voluminous to sleek and polished looks. Whether you prefer subtle or more pronounced layers, this style enhances the natural texture and volume of your hair, making it appear fuller and more dynamic.

4. Blowout Hairstyle

The blowout hairstyle is a professional salon technique that creates sleek, voluminous, and bouncy hair. It involves using a blow dryer, round brush, and styling products to achieve a polished look. Start by applying a heat protectant and volumizing mousse to damp hair. Section your hair and use a round brush while blow-drying to add volume and smoothness. Focus on lifting the roots and curling the ends outward for a bouncy finish.

Once dry, apply a lightweight hairspray or serum for hold and shine. This technique not only straightens but also adds body and movement, making your hair appear thicker and more luxurious. The blowout hairstyle is versatile and can be customized for different hair types, from sleek and straight to soft waves, providing a sophisticated and voluminous look.

5. Top Knot Bun

The top knot bun is a chic and versatile hairstyle that can give the impression of thicker hair while keeping it stylishly pulled back. To achieve this look, start by gathering your hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head. Use a hair tie to secure it tightly. Twist or wrap the ponytail around the base to form a bun and secure it with bobby pins. For added volume, gently tug on sections of the bun to loosen and fluff it.

You can also tease the ponytail before creating the bun for extra fullness. This elevated bun not only adds height and dimension but also creates the illusion of denser hair by concentrating it at the top, making it a sleek and practical style for various occasions.

6. Half-Up High Ponytail

The half-up high ponytail is a trendy and volumizing hairstyle that gives the impression of thicker hair. Start by sectioning off the top half of your hair, leaving the bottom half loose. Gather the top section into a high ponytail at the crown of your head and secure it with a hair tie. For added volume, gently tease the ponytail or use a texture spray before securing it.

Then, let the bottom section blend seamlessly with the ponytail. You can wrap a small section of hair around the hair tie to conceal it for a polished finish. This style not only adds height and lift but also showcases your hair’s density by concentrating it at the top, making it an elegant and easy-to-achieve look for any occasion.

7. Crown Braid

The crown braid is an elegant and intricate hairstyle that beautifully showcases hair thickness. Begin by parting your hair down the center. Starting from one side, take a small section near the hairline and begin a regular braid, incorporating small sections of hair as you move towards the back of your head. Repeat the process on the other side. Once you have two braids, bring them together at the back of your head and secure them with bobby pins, crossing them over each other to create a seamless crown-like effect.

Gently loosen the braids for a softer, more voluminous look. This style not only highlights the thickness of your hair but also adds a touch of regal elegance, perfect for formal events or even casual outings.

8. Layered Bob Haircut

The layered bob haircut is a versatile and flattering style that can enhance the appearance of thicker hair. This haircut involves layering the hair at different lengths, typically shorter in the back and slightly longer in the front, to create volume and movement. The layers are strategically cut to add texture and dimension, reducing bulkiness and giving the illusion of fuller hair. The shorter layers provide lift and bounce, while the longer ones offer a textured look.

This style suits various face shapes and hair textures and can be customized to be sleek and polished or tousled and relaxed. The layered bob not only adds depth and dimension to your hair but also creates a stylish and dynamic look, making it a popular choice for those seeking a chic and manageable hairstyle.

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In conclusion, these 8 styling hair looks offer innovative ways to enhance the appearance of thickness and volume in your hair. Each style serves as a strategic tool, playing with textures and shapes to create the illusion of fuller, more voluminous locks.

Experiment with these versatile looks to discover the ideal style that amplifies the appearance of thickness in your hair. Whether opting for layered styles, textured waves, or intricate braids, these techniques empower you to achieve hair that exudes fullness and vitality.

Embrace the transformative power of these styling tips, making your hair look thicker and more voluminous effortlessly. Let these looks become your go-to arsenal for enhancing the density and richness of your hair, adding a touch of confidence to your everyday style.


Can these styling looks work for short hair?

Absolutely! The showcased styles offer options for various hair lengths, providing creative solutions to add volume and depth to short hair effortlessly.

How long do these styling effects last?

The duration varies based on the chosen style and hair care routine. Generally, these looks can last all day with the right styling products and techniques.

Are these styles time-consuming to recreate at home?

While some styles may require practice, many of these looks are easy to achieve at home with simple tools and styling products, making them accessible for daily wear.

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