The Best Electric Skillets of 2024: Expert Reviews and Comparisons

If you’re in the market for an electric skillet, you’ve come to the right place. 

Electric skillets have become a staple in most kitchens thanks to their versatility, convenience, and efficiency. They are a great alternative to traditional stovetop skillets and can be used for a variety of cooking tasks, from sautéing to frying and even baking. 

With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best electric skillet for your needs. 

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at few of the best electric skillets. We’ve done the research and compiled a list of the top options on the market, complete with expert reviews and comparisons to help you make an informed decision. 

Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, you’ll find the perfect electric skillet for your needs on our list. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and take a look at the best electric skillets of 2024.

For versatile cooking, go for the Zojirushi Gourmet d’Expert Electric Skillet, or for a budget-friendly option, Check out the Bella Electric Ceramic Titanium Skillet.

What is an Electric Skillet?

An electric skillet is a type of kitchen appliance that is used for cooking food. It is a large, flat-bottomed pan with high sides, similar in shape to a frying pan, but with the added feature of having an electric heating element built into the base. 

This heating element allows the skillet to be plugged into an electrical outlet, making it easy to use and control the temperature. As a result, electric skillets are versatile cookware that can be used for a variety of cooking tasks such as frying, sautéing, simmering, braising, and even baking. 

They are convenient for cooking in smaller kitchens or for those who don’t have access to a stovetop, and they are also great for outdoor cooking, such as camping and picnics.

Electric Skillet Reviews

I’ve reviewed some of the top electric skillets in this article.

Presto 16-inch Electric Skillet

Presto 16-inch Electric Skillet

Presto 16-inch Electric Skillet

  • Color – Black
  • Material – Nonstick
  • Brand – Presto
  • Wattage – 1500 watts

Presto is a well-known brand for electric skillets and has been in the business for many years. The 16-inch electric skillet by Presto is a great option for families. 

The high-domed lid and deep walls are perfect for cooking larger cuts of meat. The temperature controls are precise and easy to use, making it a favorite among users. However, it doesn’t have a pouring spout, but customers report that it pours well from the corners. 

The skillet is fully immersible and dishwasher safe, but it is recommended to remove the heating control before washing. It also comes with a one-year limited warranty. 

The skillet features a heavy cast aluminum construction and a nonstick coating for easy cleaning. It’s perfect for cooking for a crowd and for keeping dishes warm on a buffet table.

Zojirushi Gourmet d’Expert Electric Skillet

Zojirushi Gourmet d’Expert Electric Skillet

Zojirushi Gourmet d'Expert Electric Skillet

  • Color – Stainless White
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Brand – Zojirushi
  • Wattage – 1350 watts

The Zojirushi Gourmet d’Expert Electric Skillet is a high-quality skillet known for its multiple cooking options. It has an oval-shaped titanium ceramic nonstick cooking surface and comes with a deep dish pot for soups, fondue, and stews. 

It also has a flat plate for cooking eggs, steaks, and other food. It also features a vented steamer for cooking veggies, steamed buns, and more. Unfortunately, the skillet is not dishwasher safe and requires hand washing. 

The skillet has a flat knob on the lid, making it easy to remove without rolling around on the countertop. However, it is not suitable for large families or entertaining as it is relatively small, with an interior diameter of 10 ½ inches and a volume of only about 3 quarts. 

The skillet is also quite expensive but has unique features such as a magnetic cord attachment and user-friendly controls. In addition, it has two pouring spouts and even heating and is easy to clean.

Bella Electric Ceramic Titanium Skillet

Bella Electric Ceramic Titanium Skillet

Bella Electric Ceramic Titanium Skillet

  • Color – Copper
  • Material – Copper
  • Brand – BELLA
  • Wattage – 1200 watts

The Bella 12-inch Ceramic Copper Titanium Electric Skillet is a great option for a family-sized cooking appliance. Its large 12-inch square shape provides ample cooking space, and its copper-colored ceramic coating reinforced with titanium makes it scratch-resistant and free of PTFE. 

The skillet is also easy to clean, with an immersible cast aluminum base and a nonstick surface. However, some customers have complained about uneven heating and hotspots in the skillet. 

Additionally, the skillet can be difficult to adjust the temperature due to the placement of the control dial. Despite these issues, it is a reasonably priced option for a family-sized electric skillet.

All-Clad Electric Nonstick Skillet

All-Clad Electric Nonstick Skillet

All-Clad Electric Nonstick Skillet

  • Color – Stainless Steel
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Brand – All-Clad
  • Wattage – 1440 watts

The All-Clad Electric Nonstick Skillet is a premium appliance that is designed to deliver excellent performance. It is perfect for large families or for cooking during holidays, thanks to its large capacity. 

With its tall, straight sides, it is great for braising meats or for casseroles. It has a 14-inch diameter, which gives plenty of space for cooking burgers or bacon, and its 1800 watts of power ensures fast and hot cooking when needed. 

The temperature control ranges from warm to past 450 degrees for searing. However, the handle on the lid can get hot, so a potholder is necessary to lift it. 

The skillet is dishwasher safe, but users have noted that it can be awkward to fit the large skillet in the dishwasher and recommend handwashing for easy cleaning due to its nonstick surface. 

Cuisinart Nonstick Oval Electric Skillet

Cuisinart Nonstick Oval Electric Skillet

Cuisinart Nonstick Oval Electric Skillet

  • Color – Brushed Stainless
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Brand – Cuisinart
  • Wattage – 1500 watts

Cuisinart’s Nonstick Oval Electric Skillet is a versatile, high-quality appliance that offers 1500 watts of power for fast cooking. In addition, the removable temperature probe can be set from warm to 450 degrees, making it great for stir-frying and searing. 

The nonstick surface makes cleaning easy, and the skillet is dishwasher-safe with the probe removed. In addition, the skillet has an attractive stainless steel exterior, metal side handles, and a glass lid for easy monitoring of food. 

Its oval shape makes it elegant enough to use as a buffet server. However, it is more expensive than most models on the market, and the lid knob can become too hot to handle. Overall, Cuisinart’s Nonstick Oval Electric Skillet is a great option for those looking for a versatile, high-quality, and reliable skillet.

Presto Foldaway Electric Skillet

Presto Foldaway Electric Skillet

Presto Foldaway Electric Skillet

  • Color – Black
  • Material – Aluminum
  • Brand – Presto
  • Wattage – 1500 watts

The Presto Foldaway Electric Skillet is a 16-inch rectangular skillet that features a solid base and sturdy side handles. 

One of its unique features is that the side handles fold down for easy storage, and the base fits inside the skillet along with the probe, and the domed lid can be placed upside-down for a more compact profile. 

It offers 1500 watts of cooking power and heat control up to 400 degrees. The skillet is also dishwasher safe and has a nonstick cooking surface for easy cleaning. 

Additionally, it has a pouring spout on one corner for easy removal of liquids and a loop handle on top for comfortable lifting. However, cleaning is easy as the pan detaches from the base and is dishwasher safe.

Dash Family Size Rapid Heat Electric Skillet

Dash Family Size Rapid Heat Electric Skillet

Dash Family Size Rapid Heat Electric Skillet

  • Color – Aqua
  • Material – Metal
  • Brand – DASH
  • Wattage – 1400 watts

The Dash Family Size Rapid Heat Electric Skillet is a great option for families or those who regularly host large dinner parties. Its large 20-cup capacity and rapid heating capabilities allow for quick and easy meal preparation. 

The skillet’s circular design is perfect for cooking round foods, and the tight-fitting silicone seal helps trap in heat and moisture for faster, more flavorful cooking.

Its nonstick surface and removable cord make for easy cleaning. However, the uneven heat distribution and lack of dishwasher safety are drawbacks. 

Despite its drawbacks, the skillet’s size, heating speed, and price point make it a great option for those who prioritize convenience and capacity.

Nesco Black ES-08 Electric Skillet

Nesco Black ES-08 Electric Skillet

Nesco Black ES-08 Electric Skillet

  • Color – Black
  • Material – Aluminum
  • Brand – Nesco
  • Wattage – 1800 watts

The Proctor Silex 8-inch Electric Skillet is a compact and efficient option for cooking for 1-2 people. With its 800-watt power and die-cast aluminum construction, this skillet heats up quickly, making it perfect for searing and sautéing. 

The nonstick coating and stay-cool handles make it easy to use and easy to clean, while the glass lid ensures that you can monitor your food as it cooks.  

Additionally, the base is not dishwasher safe, so it should not be immersed in water. Overall, the Proctor Silex electric skillet is a great option for single person or couples who are looking for a small and efficient electric skillet.

What to Look For When Buying an Electric Skillet


Electric skillets are typically made of nonstick-coated metal such as heavy-gauge aluminum or stainless steel. 

When choosing an electric skillet, look for heavy-duty nonstick coatings for maximum usage. However, ceramic-coated options are also available if you prefer not to use traditional nonstick coatings.


When purchasing an electric skillet, consider the size that best fits your needs. For example, larger families may prefer a larger pan size, while smaller households may prefer a more modest size. 

Also, consider the available storage space, as electric skillets typically need storage when not in use. Whatever size you choose, ensure you have enough room to store it.


Handles are an important feature to consider when purchasing an electric skillet. They should be able to support the weight of the skillet and its contents and have a secure grip for easy transport. 

It’s also crucial to ensure that the handles can withstand the heat of the skillet, so they do not get too hot to touch.


A glass lid on an electric skillet provides a clear view of the food as it cooks, allowing you to monitor progress without releasing heat. 

Additionally, glass lids are better at trapping heat, resulting in more efficient cooking. However, some glass lids come with steam vents, which can release some of the trapped heat.


When using an electric skillet with a nonstick coating, it’s important to be cautious when using sharp tools and utensils, as they can scratch and damage the skillet’s finish. 

It’s best to use wooden or silicone utensils to avoid this. If the skillet is dishwasher safe, gently remove any debris before placing it in the dishwasher. 

How do you use an electric skillet?

One of the best things about electric frying pans is their ease of use. All you need to do is plug the skillet into an electrical outlet and set the thermostat to your desired temperature. Once the skillet has preheated, you can start cooking.

It is important to remember to allow the electric skillet to cool down before cleaning it. Sudden temperature changes can cause the skillet to crack or chip.

Why Do You Need an Electric Skillet?

An electric skillet can be a useful addition to any kitchen for a few reasons. One, it can provide an additional cooking surface, which can be particularly helpful during busy cooking times such as holidays or when entertaining a large group. 

Electric skillets also have temperature controls, which make it easy to monitor and maintain the desired cooking temperature. Additionally, some electric skillets have deep sides, making them ideal for deep frying. They also have nonstick surfaces, which make them easy to clean and maintain.


The Presto 16-inch electric skillet is a great option for families looking for a large electric skillet. Its precise temperature control, nonstick surface, and dishwasher-safe design make it easy to use and clean. 

For those looking for a more affordable option, the Bella Electric Ceramic Titanium Skillet is great with its attractive copper color and comfortable, cool-to-the-touch handles. However, some users may experience staining over the heating coil and difficulty seeing the temperature dial under the handles. 

For those short on counter space, the Nesco Black ES-08 Electric Skillet is a compact option that is great for cooking while traveling or in small apartments or dorms. However, it does tend to get hot, so users should keep an eye on the temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Bake in an Electric Skillet?

It is possible to bake in an electric skillet, but the results may not be as consistent as when using an oven. Baking in an electric skillet can result in uneven cooking, and the bottom of the cake may cook faster than the top.

Additionally, electric skillets may not reach the high temperatures needed for certain types of baking. Therefore, it is recommended to use an oven for baking to ensure the best results.

What are the benefits of using an electric skillet over a stovetop skillet?

Electric skillets offer a convenient and efficient alternative to traditional stovetop cooking. With their built-in temperature control, they offer consistent heating and are easy to monitor.

The deeper skillets are perfect for deep-frying as they maintain heat evenly and provide ample space. They can also be used as an additional cooking station, especially when your stovetop burners are already in use.

How do you clean an electric skillet?

If your electric skillet is labeled as dishwasher safe, you can typically place it in the dishwasher after removing the power source/heat probe. However, it is important to first remove any food particles and gently scrub off any burned bits with a non-abrasive scrubber.

If your skillet is not dishwasher safe, clean it using mild dishwashing soap and a sponge. Be sure to dry it completely with a clean dish towel or paper towel before storing it.

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