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There are many aspects to consider when you’re deciding on which type of whiskey to buy and what brand to purchase, including your budget, the flavor, and your location (if you’re in a state where it’s legal). There are also considerations that might not be so obvious at first glances, such as the number of shots in a bottle of whiskey.

The number of shots in a bottle of whiskey can vary significantly based on the type and brand, with some bottles containing much more alcohol than others. But how many shots in a bottle of whiskey?

On Average, How Many Shots In A Bottle Of Whiskey?

So, is there really a correct answer to that question? Well, technically, yes. The standard bottle of whiskey contains exactly 750 milliliters or one-third of a gallon. At 38% alcohol by volume (abv), it typically has 40 shots per bottle, which makes for about six pints.

However, not all whiskeys are created equal. Some are stronger than others, some contain more water and others have less water added during maturation. Here is a detailed description of Ounces, ML & FL Oz. Check them below:

Ounces (oz) In A Standard Shot Glass

Shot glasses are the general calculating tool we are aware of when having a drink. As we consider every shot as one, we were convinced to believe that a single shot glass is equivalent to 1oz of liquor or you may say 1 oz alcohol. But in an actual sense, these little size glasses generally carry around 1.5 oz to 2 oz of alcohol or you may say 1.5 oz to 2 oz of liquor.

Measure ML in a Shot Glass

The general estimation of a shot glass is done either in milliliters (ML) or in ounces. But in spite of that, the general size of the glass is not global.

Preferably, it differs from one nation to another according to the government laws or regulations for the alcohol market. Because of that, it’s necessary to know that a single shot & in double-shot how many ML you may serve to.

A small size if the drink that may be provided in the shot glass is 20 ML whereas the big size limit or capacity of the drink might extend to 60 ML. The general measurements decide according to the country’s preference differ or vary between these two limits.

So, here is a brief list that shows how many ML is in a single glass and also in a double glass in various countries:

Single Glass

CountryML in a ShotFL oz in a Shot
United States441.5
United Kingdom250.8

Double Glass

CountryML in a ShotFL oz in a Shot
United States59-892-3
United Kingdom501.6

Along with knowledge of how many ML & FL oz are required in a shot glass, you also need to know common liquor bottles are being used and what sort of drinks are served in these shot glasses.

Previously, tequila and vodka were provided in these shot glasses. But in the present time, various cocktails in shot glasses are being served in restaurants and top-notch bars. That can differ from one pub to another.

General Liquor Bottles Sizes Chart

Liquor Bottles Sizes

In the above chart, most usual sizes of liquor or alcohol sizes have been given and shots, ounces & milliliters have been also shown. If you have ever been to a bartending academy, these should be recalled in your mind.


Shots In A 750 ML Bottle

As you can see in the above chart there are five common liquor bottle sizes excluding 750 ml, Which I have explained here in-depth.

Have a look at it, while reading this you will get an exact idea about how many shots are in a 750 ml Bottle. There is in-depth information about different Liquor bottle sizes along with 750 ml:


1 shot is 44.36 MLS

The first and Foremost is Shot glass generally used to estimate and serve little portions of alcohol. Their range normally starts from less than a single ounce and exceeds up to 3 ounces.

Frequently these shot glasses are used for getting liquor directly but they may also be used for calculating espresso for coffee beverages or providing personal dessert parts.


Pint is 473 MLS

You may use this for liquor and beer. Most probably, liquor is bought in a 750 ml size or a fifth. This means to say one more fine differentiation is that a pint is nearly 60% of a 750 ml, the normal liquor bottle size, and this is mostly used.

Fifth (750 ML)

750 ml liquor, either it is a fifth of vodka or any other kind of alcohol, the additional name for 750 ml liquor bottle.

In the recent past, 750 ml of a gallon was the lawful way in for sole commercial liquor sales. And anything which was bigger than that, for you had to go to the dealer.

Consequently, 750 ml were known as commercial quarts too. 750 ml is mainly what bartenders use at large to add with. In 750 ml liquor, there are approx 25-36 ounces. This means, in a 750 ml, you may get approx, 17 shots straight.


A liter size of a liquor bottle is 1000 MLS. In 1000 MLS alcohol, there are approx 33.82 ounces and you may more or less get 22 shots in it.


The handle size of a liquor bottle is 1750 MLS. In 1750 MLS alcohol, there are approx 59.18 ounces and you may get around 39 shots in it.

Instead of knowing the common liquor bottle sizes, You must know the sort of drinks being Served in top-notch bars.


Gladiator is a basic drop shot. To drink, drop the shot glass into the larger glass and down the whole thing. You need to make sure that you don’t overfill your large glass or it’ll make a mess! It is made up of ½ part of Amaretto, ½ part of bourbon liqueur, 2 parts orange juice & 2 parts lime soda.

Jagar Bomb

Usually, drinkers of middle-aged have known of, if you haven’t tried this so far, you should try it. It’s a very ill-famed image among people but it’s not wrong to say that it’s also a very popular shot in the pub. It gained popularity after Red Bull first came to light. Besides, Jagermeister gave pubs exceptional shot allocators, particularly for it.


This shot consists of orange liqueur, vodka, and lemon juice poured & shaken together in a glass. It has been used for ages and it’s amazingly very easy to blend. It has an amazing fruit tart taste that might form you into a pucker.

Red Snapper

First, you need to choose a particular whiskey to carry off the right red snapper. This Shot needs Crown Royal and blends it with cranberry juice and amaretto. The taste of this shot is wonderful and because of this reason. It’s been a famous and most drink-worthy shot for a long period of time.


Most of the shooters reflect the mixture of chocolate and mint. It’s a prominent tang for dessert. For that reason, it’s just natural that methods like the grasshopper are popular as well. To make this shot, you need to mix creme de menthe, creme de cacao, and light cream.

These are some of the drink-worthy shots which you may have according to your mood and the events of life which are celebrated with friends and family members but there is a limit to every shot quantity which you need to keep in mind while pouring the drink into a glass.


Determine how many shots in a liquor bottle whiskey is critical. I just hope you found this article interesting and knowledgeable and got to know about how many shots are in a bottle of whiskey as well.

Keep in mind, that the size of the bottle will decide how many shots you take out of it. If you want to create well drinks, you need to stick to a general pour estimation that will assure you how to get the most out of each bottle.

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