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New Textured Fringe Haircuts for Men

Men’s hairstyles have seen a surge in the textured fringe’s popularity, lauded for its contemporary charm and adaptability. This haircut ingeniously merges the timeless fringe with layers and texture, yielding a sleek yet edgy appearance. Our exploration delves into diverse iterations of the textured fringe, unveiling the latest trends and serving as a wellspring of inspiration for your next salon appointment.

Whether aiming for a refined or daring look, these variations cater to a spectrum of preferences, empowering men to embrace this trend and infuse their style with a touch of modernity and individuality. Join us as we navigate through the nuances of textured fringe haircuts, offering insights and ideas to elevate your hairstyle game with flair and panache.

Amazing Textured Fringe

The textured fringe stands as a striking hairstyle that seamlessly merges classic appeal with modern flair.

1. Drop Low Fade with Wavy Bangs

The drop low fade accompanied by wavy bangs offers a sleek and tidy aesthetic while exuding a contemporary and laid-back charm. Beginning high and gradually tapering down, the fade complements the textured bangs that elegantly cascade over the forehead. This style harmoniously blends sharpness with a relaxed vibe, appealing to individuals seeking a modern yet effortlessly chic look.

Ideal for men aiming for an appearance that effortlessly embodies both trendiness and ease, the drop low fade with wavy bangs strikes a balance between a clean-cut finish and a touch of casual sophistication. Its versatility and fusion of structured elements with relaxed textures make it an attractive choice for those embracing a stylish yet approachable hairstyle.

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2. Thick Mullet and Mini Bangs

The thick mullet with mini bangs embodies a daring throwback style for individuals craving a bold, retro-inspired appearance. Defined by shorter frontal strands and a distinct elongated back section, this haircut creates a pronounced contrast in length. Adding an intriguing element, the inclusion of mini bangs elevates the overall look, infusing it with an extra layer of distinctive style.

The fusion of shorter front hair and longer back locks serves as a striking departure from conventional styles, resonating with those seeking an attention-grabbing and unique aesthetic. Embracing the boldness of the retro mullet with mini bangs is an opportunity to showcase an unconventional yet captivating hairstyle that exudes a sense of individuality and draws attention with its nostalgic charm.

3. Angular Haircut with Texture

Create a striking impression with an angular haircut that boasts textured elements, delivering a bold and confident statement. This style seamlessly blends precise lines and sharp edges, culminating in a robust and well-defined appearance. Infused with textured layers, this haircut introduces depth and dynamism to the hair, imparting a contemporary and fashion-forward edge.

The juxtaposition of defined angles with textured layers not only emphasizes structure but also injects a sense of movement, elevating the overall look with a touch of trendy sophistication. Embracing this angular haircut with textured elements is an opportunity to showcase a strong, fashion-conscious style that exudes confidence and stands out with its modern, edgy allure.

4. Temple Taper Fade with Textured Bangs

The temple taper fade paired with textured bangs is a fusion of modernity and style, presenting a sophisticated yet trendy appearance. Beginning with a precise taper fade at the temples, this haircut exudes a refined and polished aesthetic, emphasizing clean lines and a sleek finish. Complementing this structured look, the inclusion of textured bangs introduces volume and texture, imparting a touch of dynamism and contemporary flair to the hairstyle.

Catering to individuals seeking a blend of sophistication and current fashion, this haircut strikes the perfect balance between a polished, well-groomed appearance and a trendsetting edge. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for those desiring a refined yet modern haircut that effortlessly embodies both classiness and fashionable appeal.

5. Short Blunt Fringe with Textured Cut

Opt for a chic and bold appearance with the short blunt fringe complemented by a textured cut, striking a balance between neatness and vivacity. The haircut boasts precision and a hint of playfulness, showcasing a fringe that elegantly frames the face, resting just above the eyebrows. Adding a layer of dynamism, the textured cut introduces movement and a dash of rugged charm, rendering it a versatile choice suitable for diverse occasions.

This hairstyle’s fusion of a concise, structured fringe with textured layers not only enhances facial features but also injects a spirited and adaptable touch, ensuring it complements different styles and settings effortlessly. It’s a go-to option for those seeking a poised yet lively look, effortlessly blending refinement with a hint of fashionable flair.

6. Curled Faux Hawk with Fringe

The curled faux hawk paired with a fringe epitomizes a bold and fashionable statement. This daring hairstyle seamlessly merges elements of edginess and elegance, showcasing a voluminous silhouette adorned with a softly curled fringe. The faux hawk aspect elevates the style, contributing both height and a dramatic flair to the overall appearance. In contrast, the inclusion of the fringe infuses a hint of sophistication, balancing the boldness with a touch of refined charm.

This fusion of daring elements and sophisticated details defines the hairstyle’s uniqueness, offering a dynamic blend of class and edge. It’s a confident choice for individuals seeking a bold yet tasteful look, effortlessly marrying dramatic volume with a touch of polished sophistication.

7. Medium Messy Hair with Parted Bangs

Opt for a laid-back and easygoing vibe with the medium messy hair featuring parted bangs, offering a relaxed yet versatile style. The medium length provides ample styling flexibility, catering to diverse preferences—from a carefree tousled appearance achieved with hairspray to a more refined, sleek look using pomade. The inclusion of parted bangs introduces a subtle sense of structure, framing the face delicately.

This hairstyle not only embraces a relaxed charm but also grants the freedom to switch between casual and polished looks effortlessly. It’s a go-to choice for those seeking a versatile and relaxed style, allowing them to effortlessly transition from a casual, tousled aesthetic to a more refined appearance, all while maintaining an effortless and laid-back allure.

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8. Textured Mullet and Bangs with Short Sides

Embrace a contemporary twist on the classic haircut with the textured mullet and bangs, accompanied by short sides, presenting a distinctive and modern aesthetic. Featuring textured layers at the back, the mullet infuses volume and dynamic movement. Meanwhile, the addition of stylish bangs contributes to a chic and up-to-date appearance. The deliberate inclusion of short sides creates a sharp contrast, emphasizing the texture and layers atop the head.

This combination delivers a unique and eye-catching look, reimagining the traditional mullet into a fashion-forward style that merges volume, texture, and modernity. It’s a standout choice for those seeking a haircut that seamlessly blends classic elements with contemporary trends, ensuring a bold and stylish statement that draws attention with its individuality and on-trend allure.


In summary, textured fringe haircuts present a diverse array of choices for men aiming for a stylish and contemporary aesthetic. Ranging from drop low fades to curly faux hawks, these hairstyles celebrate texture, layers, and personal expression. Whether one leans towards a sleek and sophisticated finish or opts for a laid-back, tousled allure, there exists a textured fringe haircut to complement diverse tastes and personalities.

These hairstyles don’t just offer a trendsetting edge but also serve as a canvas for individuality and style preferences, ensuring that each person can find a textured fringe cut that resonates with their unique persona and fashion sensibilities.


Are textured fringe haircuts suitable for all hair types?

Yes, textured fringe haircuts can be adapted to different hair types, including straight, wavy, and curly hair. Your stylist can customize the haircut to enhance your natural texture and create the desired look.

How can I maintain the texture in my hair for these haircuts?

Using a texturizing product, such as a sea salt spray or a styling clay, can help enhance and maintain the texture in your hair. These products add grip and definition, allowing you to style your hair with ease.

Can I style these haircuts at home, or should I visit a salon regularly?

While some of these haircuts may require professional styling, many can be easily maintained at home with the right tools and products. However, visiting a salon periodically for trims and shape adjustments is recommended to keep the haircut looking fresh and well-maintained.

Can I combine elements from different textured fringe haircuts?

Absolutely! Feel free to mix and match elements from different haircuts to create a personalized style that suits your preferences. Consult with your stylist to discuss your desired look and how different elements can be incorporated.

How do I choose the right textured fringe haircut for me?

Consider your personal style, face shape, and hair texture when choosing a textured fringe haircut. It’s also helpful to gather visual references and consult with a professional stylist who can provide guidance based on your specific features and preferences.

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