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Saladmaster Cookware Review

Saladmaster Cookware is built with 316 stainless steel and titanium, allowing you to cook at lower temperatures without adding water.

But, Saladmaster Cookware is pricy. Want to know why?

People still choose Saladmaster over cheaper Cookware. But, despite the price, they want it for a few reasons.

Saladmaster emphasizes choosing healthy Cookware. As a result, it distinguishes Saladmaster cookware from other brands.

In addition, the company uses  316Ti stainless steel, which is non-reactive to food acids and enzymes.

Saladmaster tests their pots and skillets with highly reactive baking soda and water.

Besides simplistic looks, their Cookware is durable. Pans and pots conduct heat efficiently, minimizing cooking energy.

Saladmaster ensures you can cook without oil or water in nonstick pots and skillets. It preserves vitamins, nutrients, and natural flavor in foods.

You prefer to spend your time in the kitchen preparing delicious meals rather than washing dishes. Saladmaster pans’ nonstick surface makes cleanup easy.

Saladmaster Cookware Review

Saladmaster Cookware Set

Saladmaster cookware is made of non-reactive 316Ti stainless steel. In combination with our cooking method, it preserves the nutritional value and flavor of the ingredients you use to make food that is always healthier, more nourishing, and more delicious.

Although there are cheaper options, Saladmaster is still among the most pricy kitchen tools. Everyone who has any experience with waterless cooking equipment wonders about this.

I’m only trying to help you out and anyone else who might be thinking about buying waterless Cookware.

First, Saladmaster’s material is different from other Cookware. In contrast, Maxam and 360 Cookware, two alternative companies, use T304, a high-quality surgical stainless steel.

Saladmaster is made of American and Swiss 316Ti Surgical Steel, the finest grade. Unfortunately, no cookware brand utilizes this material yet. Combining 316 Stainless Steel and Titanium creates 316Ti.

The manufacturer promises 316Ti Surgical Steel won’t chemically react with food. They use Baking Soda and water to ensure their substance doesn’t leech into food. With Saladmaster, you eat healthy.

Brands like Maxam also guarantee this. Though Maxam isn’t as good, it’s better than nonstick and stainless steel pots. Moreover, Maxam offers quality for less money than Saladmaster.

Saladmaster 316TI Surgical Steel’s nonstick, non-toxic surface helps you prepare healthier, tastier foods without oil or water. Saladmaster’s Molybdenum makes it nonstick and simple to clean.

The Saladmaster Cookware Set includes:

  • 2QT Sauce Pan with Cover
  • 4QT Roaster with Cover
  • 5QT Roaster with Cover
  • 11-inch Skillet with Cover
  • Stainless Steel Powdered Cleaner
  • Two long handles
  • Four side handles

Though they are not available on amazon. You can buy Saladmaster Cookware directly from the Saladmaster website. If you don’t want the whole set you can buy individual products also.

Replacement Long 7″ Handle for Saladmaster Skillets & Pans (1965-1994)

Replacement Long 7" Handle for Saladmaster Skillets & Pans (1965-1994)

Saladmaster makes long-lasting Skillets & Pans. Sometimes the handles wear out, but the rest is OK. The Replacement Long 7″ Handle replaces broken handles for Saladmaster skillets and pans.

It’s also screwed. This Saladmaster fits 5-star, 18-8 Tri-clad, Colonial, and T304-S 1965-1994 pans. 

Pre-1980 18-8 Tri-clad pans won’t fit. These need a shorter handle.

The simple grip makes it easy to use while cooking. You may transport or pour food safely when the handle is tightly fastened to the pan or skillet. This handle will last for years. It offers your 30-year-old pan or pot a new look.


  • Easy grip
  • Well designed
  • Additional screw
  • Long-lasting


  • Pre-1980 pans and skillets are incompatible.

Replacement Side Handle for Saladmaster Skillets, Pans, & Lids (Pre 1994)

Replacement Side Handle for Saladmaster Skillets, Pans, & Lids (Pre 1994)

Saladmaster Replacement Side Handle for Skillets and Pans Included one (1) original Saladmaster replacement side handle and screw.

It is designed for use on the 18-8 Tri-clad, Colonial, 5-Star, and T304-S skillets, pans, and lids (Pre 1994).

It fit perfectly. Great to have handles after so long.


  • Durable
  • Fits pans and skillet well.


  • Only for Pre 1994

Replacement Knob Kit for Saladmaster Skillet & Pan Lids (Pre 1994)

Replacement Knob Kit for Saladmaster Skillet & Pan Lids (Pre 1994)

Saladmaster’s kitchenware never disappoints. The Saladmaster Replacement Knob Kit for Skillet & Pan Lid (Pre 1994) fixes broken knobs. One replacement knob is included.

This knob fits T304-S/5-Star, 18-8 Tri-Clad, and Colonial pre-1994 lids. Old pans and skillet lids seem new.

The tight knob improves cooking. You can easily handle it because it doesn’t conduct heat. Like other Saladmaster Cookware, it will last for years.


  • Durable
  • It fits pans and skillet lids well.
  • Give old lids a new appearance.


  • Only for Pre 1994 lids

Factors to Consider Before Buying Saladmaster

American manufacturers are regarded for their quality and reliability. Saladmaster’s superior stainless steel cooking system reflects more than a century of American manufacturing. In addition, you may enjoy your Cookware for decades.

Cooking Faster

Vapo-Valve and semi-vacuum cooking improve efficiency. Built-in Vapo-Valve clicks when the temperature exceeds the appropriate cooking temperature to prevent overcooking.

Fat-Free Flavor

Oil-free Cookware makes healthier, tastier dishes. Saladmaster allows you to cook without oil, butter, or excess fat, making your favorite foods healthier without compromising taste.

In addition, Its Vapo-Valve creates a semi-vacuum cooking environment that locks in moisture and flavor. As a result, oil-free Cookware can reliably offer healthy and delicious meals.


The Saladmaster waterless cookware set cooks without water. Their Cookware uses equal heat distribution instead of water or oil to create healthy, filling meals.

This waterless cooking method preserves vitamins, nutrients, and flavor. In addition, Water- and oil-free cookware is ideal for those who want to eat healthy.

Smooth Pouring

Saladmaster cookware has a wide, dripless pouring edge, so you don’t waste a drop.

Comparison With Other Brands

Saladmaster vs. Maxam

Saladmaster and Maxam are waterless cookware brands. Similarities make them close competitors. Both are durable, trustworthy, and good Cookware. However, both vary in material, features, costs, and functioning.

They Both share some similarities:

  • Nice and beautiful finish.
  • Heat and cold-resistant handles.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Water is not required to cook with these pots and pans.
  • Food will not stick to them.

Some features make them different:

Made inU.S.AAsia
Materialmade from 316Ti stainless steelmade from 304 surgical steel
PerformanceOutstanding cooking performanceFair cooking performance
Temperature185 F degrees230 F degrees
Nutrientsmaintain healthy cookingdoes not embrace healthy cooking

Saladmaster vs. 360 Cookware

Saladmaster and 360 Cookware are both waterless Cookware. In addition, they both made their products in the U.S.A.

Some features make them different:

FeaturesSaladmaster360 Cookware
Materialmade from 316Ti stainless steelmade from 304 surgical steel
Temperature185 F degrees500 F degrees
PriceExpensiveLess Expensive

Rest features are the same.

Making the Final Decision

Saladmaster makes great Cookware. They promote a healthy lifestyle by using Cookware that won’t harm consumers. With so much experience, they’ve developed Cookware with efficient technologies to improve quality.

Saladmaster’s cooking approach promises enhanced health, nutrition, and longevity.

Saladmaster uses titanium-reinforced steel (316Ti). Aluminum heats quickly and evenly.

Saladmaster’s oven, dishwasher, and storage handles retract. However, Saladmaster offers replacement handles as long as you own the Cookware.

Saladmaster cookware has a lifetime warranty and great service.

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