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WWE Fans Rate Supernatural Wrestling Characters

WWE Fans Rate Supernatural Wrestling Characters – Welcome, wrestling enthusiasts, to an extraordinary exploration into the realm where athleticism and the supernatural collide – “WWE Fans Rate Supernatural Wrestling Characters.” In the electrifying world of professional wrestling, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur, supernatural characters have long captivated the imagination of fans. From mysterious entities to otherworldly powers, these characters add a unique flavor to the already thrilling spectacle that is WWE. In this blog, we delve into the fascinating universe of supernatural wrestling personas and uncover the pulse of the WWE fanbase as they rate and discuss these larger-than-life characters.

WWE Fans Rate Supernatural Wrestling Characters

The Undertaker:

The Undertaker, a cornerstone of WWE, is synonymous with mystique and dominance. His career, spanning decades, has left an indelible mark on wrestling lore. From his ominous entrance to the tombstone piledriver and the unparalleled WrestleMania streak, The Deadman’s impact transcends victories; it’s a chilling aura that captivates fans and opponents alike.

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Signature Move – Tombstone Piledriver: The Undertaker’s iconic finishing move, the Tombstone Piledriver, involves lifting an opponent upside down and planting them headfirst into the mat.

Memorable Moment – WrestleMania Entrances: The Undertaker’s WrestleMania entrances are legendary, featuring elaborate and eerie displays, such as the time he arrived in a coffin or when he walked through a graveyard.


As The Undertaker’s brother, Kane, the Big Red Machine, treads the line between horror and powerhouse. His menacing presence, masked persona, and the ability to inflict terror are central to his character. Kane’s intriguing story arc, from a traumatic childhood incident to becoming a force of destruction, has made him an iconic supernatural figure in WWE.

Signature Move – Chokeslam: Kane’s devastating Chokeslam involves lifting an opponent by the throat and slamming them to the mat. It highlights his immense strength and dominance.

Memorable Moment – Debut at Badd Blood 1997: Kane made a memorable debut by interfering in The Undertaker’s Hell in a Cell match, leading to his long-standing rivalry with his brother.

Bray Wyatt:

Bray Wyatt, the mastermind behind The Fiend, has redefined psychological warfare in WWE. The Eater of Worlds combines charisma, storytelling, and a touch of horror to create a character that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. Wyatt’s ability to reinvent himself keeps fans on the edge, wondering what dark twist awaits in his narrative.

Signature Move – Sister Abigail: Bray Wyatt’s finishing move, Sister Abigail, involves a swinging reverse STO. It is a move that adds to the mystique of his character.

Memorable Moment – Firefly Fun House Debut: Bray Wyatt’s transformation into his new persona was marked by the debut of the Firefly Fun House, a children’s show with dark undertones, signaling a shift in his character.

Demon Finn Bálor:

Finn Bálor’s transformation into the Demon is a mesmerizing blend of athleticism and theatrics. The elaborate body paint, coupled with an intensified in-ring style, elevates Bálor’s presence to a supernatural level. The Demon is a testament to Bálor’s commitment to delivering a unique, visually stunning experience for the WWE Universe.

Signature Move – Coup de Grâce: Finn Bálor’s finishing move, the Coup de Grâce, is a double foot stomp from the top rope, delivered with precision and impact.

Memorable Moment – NXT TakeOver: The Demon vs. Bray Wyatt: The Demon made its debut in a match against Bray Wyatt in NXT, showcasing its awe-inspiring presence and athleticism.

Aleister Black:

Aleister Black, with his enigmatic persona and striking entrance, brings a sense of mystery to the ring. The Dutch Destroyer’s background in martial arts and his emphasis on the dark and brooding aspects of his character make him a compelling supernatural presence in WWE.

Signature Move – Black Mass: Aleister Black’s Black Mass is a spinning heel kick that can be delivered with sudden and unexpected precision, emphasizing his striking ability.

Memorable Moment – NXT TakeOver: New Orleans Entrance: Aleister Black’s entrance at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans, featuring a rising platform and dramatic lighting, added to the anticipation and mystery surrounding his character.

‘Broken’ Matt Hardy:

Matt Hardy’s ‘Broken’ persona is a revolutionary chapter in his career. From the ‘DELETE’ chants to the bizarre Broken Universe, Hardy’s transformation into a vessel of broken brilliance brought a surreal and entertaining dimension to professional wrestling.

Signature Move – Twist of Fate: Matt Hardy’s Twist of Fate is a modified cutter that became associated with both his ‘Broken’ and traditional personas.

Memorable Moment – Final Deletion: The Final Deletion, a cinematic match between Matt and Jeff Hardy, showcased the bizarre and entertaining elements of the ‘Broken’ Universe.

Papa Shango:

Papa Shango, a character from a different era, brought voodoo mystique to WWE. With his curses and unpredictable antics, he added a touch of the supernatural to the wrestling landscape. Despite being short-lived, Papa Shango’s impact remains an intriguing chapter in WWE history.

Signature Move – Voodoo Curse: Papa Shango’s voodoo-inspired character often involved placing curses on his opponents, adding a supernatural element to his matches.

Memorable Moment – The Black Goo Incident: Papa Shango’s infamous moment occurred when during a match, a mysterious black goo started oozing down the face of his opponent, creating a surreal and unsettling scene.

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The Boogeyman, with his eerie entrance, wild persona, and peculiar appetite for worms, embraced the horror side of WWE. Though not a traditional powerhouse, his unique character left a lasting impression, showcasing that supernatural elements can take various forms in the world of sports entertainment.

Signature Move – Boogey Bomb: The Boogeyman’s finishing move, the Boogey Bomb, involved lifting and slamming his opponent to the mat with a theatrical flair.

Memorable Moment – Clock-Smashing Entrance: The Boogeyman’s entrances were characterized by smashing a large clock over his head, emphasizing the unpredictability and eccentricity of his character.


As the final bell tolls, we’ve embarked on a riveting journey through the mystical and otherworldly side of WWE. “WWE Fans Rate Supernatural Wrestling Characters” has unveiled the passions and opinions that fans hold for these extraordinary personas. Whether you’re a fervent supporter of the supernatural or a traditionalist at heart, one thing is for certain – the magical allure of these characters continues to cast its spell on the world of professional wrestling. As the cheers echo and the lights dim, we bid farewell to the supernatural realm, knowing that the WWE universe will forever be enchanted by these larger-than-life spectacles.


Q1: What defines a supernatural wrestling character?

A1: Supernatural wrestling characters are those personas that transcend the ordinary boundaries of human capabilities. They often possess mystical or otherworldly attributes, showcasing powers or characteristics that go beyond the natural realm.

Q2: Who are some iconic supernatural wrestling characters in WWE?

A2: WWE has seen a plethora of supernatural characters over the years. Undertaker, Kane, Bray Wyatt, and Demon Finn Bálor are just a few examples of wrestlers who have embraced the supernatural elements in their personas.

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