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WWE Fans Rate Supernatural Wrestling Characters

In the world of professional wrestling, larger-than-life characters have always captivated audiences. Among these characters are the supernatural ones that bring an element of mystique and intrigue to the ring. WWE fans have a special appreciation for these supernatural wrestling characters who push the boundaries of reality and create unforgettable moments. In this article, we will explore the top supernatural wrestling characters rated by WWE fans. From the legendary Undertaker to the enigmatic Aleister Black, these characters have left an indelible mark on the world of professional wrestling.

The Undertaker: WWE’s Phenom

The Deadman Persona

The Undertaker’s “Deadman” persona is considered one of WWE’s best supernatural characters. With his dark appearance and unmatched WrestleMania streak, he has become a fan favorite. The Undertaker’s entrance, accompanied by haunting music and dimmed lights, sends chills down the audience’s spines. His imposing presence and mastery of the ring make him an iconic figure in WWE history.

The Unmatched WrestleMania Streak

One of the reasons why The Undertaker’s supernatural character resonates with fans is his unmatched WrestleMania streak. For over two decades, The Undertaker maintained an undefeated record at WrestleMania, creating an aura of invincibility around him. This streak added a layer of suspense and anticipation to his matches, making each WrestleMania appearance a must-see event.

“Demon” Finn Bálor: Unleashing the Darkness

The Alter Ego

Finn Bálor’s alter ego, “The Demon,” has enthralled audiences with his unusual face paint and otherworldly persona. When Finn Bálor transforms into The Demon, a sense of awe and anticipation fills the arena. The Demon represents a darker side of Finn Bálor’s character, embodying power and intensity. His entrance is accompanied by mesmerizing visuals and an electrifying atmosphere.

In-Ring Skills and Performances

Apart from his striking appearance, The Demon is known for his exceptional in-ring skills. Finn Bálor’s high-flying maneuvers combined with The Demon’s intensity make for a captivating performance. Whether it’s a championship match or a show-stealing bout, The Demon’s presence elevates the excitement and leaves fans in awe of his abilities.

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt: Embracing Darkness

Injecting Fresh Darkness

Bray Wyatt’s transformation into “The Fiend” injected fresh darkness and unpredictability into his character. The Fiend’s creepy appearance, with a haunting mask and twisted demeanor, immediately grabs the audience’s attention. His eerie entrance, accompanied by disturbing visuals and a chilling theme song, sets the stage for a unique and unsettling experience.

The Fiend’s Presence

Fans are drawn to The Fiend’s enigmatic presence and the psychological warfare he brings to his matches. His unorthodox fighting style and mind games make every encounter with The Fiend a thrilling and unpredictable affair. WWE fans appreciate Bray Wyatt’s commitment to his character and the ability to create an immersive and disturbing experience.

Kane: The Undertaker’s Brother of Destruction

Remembering Kane’s Ferocity

Kane, the Undertaker’s brother, is a notable supernatural character in WWE history. Known for his towering height and menacing presence, Kane instilled fear in his opponents and the audience alike. WWE fans remember Kane’s ferocity and the chaotic battles he engaged in. His rivalry with The Undertaker created iconic moments that fans still discuss to this day.

Aleister Black: The Dark Mystique

Somber and Occult-Inspired Figure

Aleister Black’s somber, occult-inspired figure has gained popularity among WWE fans. His brooding persona and unique style set him apart from other wrestlers. Aleister Black’s entrance, which features him rising from a seated position, creates an aura of mystery and anticipation. Fans are drawn to his dark mystique and the aura of danger that surrounds him.

Martial Arts and Unusual Entrance

In addition to his captivating character, Aleister Black showcases impressive martial arts skills in the ring. His strikes and kicks are precise and impactful, leaving a lasting impression on fans. Aleister Black’s unusual entrance, with dimmed lights and a slow-paced walk, adds to the anticipation and sets the stage for his intense performances.

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