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5 Best Publix Deli Sub Revealed

Best Publix Deli Sub Revealed – Florida-based grocery chain Publix has garnered a devoted following, thanks to its exceptional deli counter offerings. Among its fan-favorites are the made-to-order deli sandwiches, affectionately known as “Pub Subs.” 

These sandwiches are crafted with premium ingredients like Boar’s Head cold cuts, and customers have the freedom to customize their orders online or in person.

Pub Subs may not be as cheap as a certain sub chain’s famous “$5 footlong,” but considering the quality and customization options, the prices are reasonable. 

Half sandwiches start around $6.59, and customers can upgrade to a full sub for just $3.00 more. Plus, Pub Subs are known to retain their freshness even after a night in the fridge, making them a great option for leftovers.

To determine the best Pub Sub, I embarked on a sub odyssey, tasting my way through five of the most popular sandwiches from the Publix deli. 

While the company provides a popularity ranking on its website, I decided to go off-script and try an additional option based on rave reviews. Here’s what I discovered:

5 Best Pub Sub Sandwiches

Boar’s Head Turkey Sub

Though I initially ordered this sub without customization, it fell short in terms of flavor. The combination of white bread, provolone, and mayonnaise didn’t provide much excitement.

However, when I tried it on wheat bread with Swiss cheese and a spicy Boar’s Head Chipotle “gourmaise,” it fared much better. Despite the improvement, it still ranked fifth out of the five sandwiches.

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Boar’s Head Ultimate Sub

Featuring three popular cold cuts—Tavern Ham, Ovengold Turkey Breast, and Top Round Roast Beef—the Ultimate Sub had high expectations. While it was a solid choice, it didn’t live up to its “ultimate” label.

The addition of the Publix deli’s “sub sauce,” a creamy dijonnaise with hints of black pepper, paprika, onion, and garlic powder, provided a unifying flavor.

Boar’s Head Italian Sub

Publix’s take on the Italian sub showcased a combination of Tavern Ham, Genoa Salami, and “Hot Cappy Ham.”

The spiciness of the latter added a kick to the sub, which was complemented by banana peppers and the deli’s “sub dressing,” a zingy vinaigrette. The crunchy five-grain bread prevented the sandwich from becoming overly greasy.

Havana Bold Sub

Breaking away from the popular ranking, I opted for the Havana Bold Sub, a Cuban-inspired sandwich with Tavern Ham and Spicy Peppenero Ham. The Peppenero ham, coated with habanero chili peppers, provided a fiery kick.

Chipotle gouda and dill pickles added additional flavor elements. While it might have benefited from extra vegetables, this crunchy meat missile was delightful as it came.

Chicken Tender Sub

The top spot goes to the Chicken Tender Sub, which features Publix’s renowned fried chicken. Made with crispy chicken tenders on a crunchy, chewy baguette, this sandwich was a standout.

The chicken tenders showcased the perfect amount of salt, and the sandwich’s construction highlighted Publix’s attention to detail. With customization options like honey mustard, Buffalo sauce, or Pepperhouse Gourmaise, this sub is a crowd favorite.

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In conclusion, while Publix offers a range of delicious deli sandwiches, the Chicken Tender Sub reigns supreme. Its combination of flavorful fried chicken and careful construction make it the most sublime choice.

So, the next time you visit Publix, give the Chicken Tender Sub a try and experience the epitome of deli sandwich excellence.


The popularity of Publix Deli subs can vary by location and personal taste. The Publix chicken tender sub is often celebrated and has a dedicated fan base. Other popular options include the Italian sub, turkey and cranberry sub, and the ultimate sub.

Yes, Publix offers specialty subs that are well-received. For example, the Boar’s Head Ultimate Sub is often praised for its combination of meats and toppings. Additionally, seasonal or limited-time offerings may gain popularity.

Can I customize my Publix Deli sub?

Yes, Publix Deli allows customers to customize their subs. You can choose the type of bread, meats, cheeses, toppings, and condiments according to your preferences.

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