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Best Bamboo Steamer Basket

Steaming is a common cooking method when reheating meals or leftovers. It uses little to no fat or oils, and cooks faster, making steamers smart kitchen appliances for cooking meals, soups, cakes, and sweets.

A bamboo steamer is a traditional cookware item. This apparatus seals hot vapors inside the cookware. The food is then surrounded by this steam, which quickly raises it to temperature and gently cooks it.

In comparison to simmering, frying, or boiling, steaming is a gentler method. It maintains the meal’s color, shape, flavor, and texture while preserving minerals and vitamins.

We examined and compared the best bamboo steamer baskets available. To discover the ideal steamer, you can choose from inexpensive versions to stackable bamboo steamers.

What Is A Bamboo Steamer?

A bamboo steamer is a much superior method of cooking food than frying or grilling. This is because it keeps the natural form, taste, and nutrient content at its original levels.

A bamboo steamer is used to steam food that is made up of bamboo layers stacked on top of one another with bottom openings that are joined together. 

The best way to utilize a bamboo steamer is to set it on top of a wok, pan, or pot with boiling water. The food inside will be cooked by the water evaporating through the perforations.

Bamboo steamers have a number of benefits, including being affordable, non-sticky, and simple to maintain.

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Best Bamboo Steamer Baskets

We’re all looking for quick cooking options in today’s busy environment. Food can be steamed, which is one of the simplest healthy cooking methods.

Most steamers have a very similar appearance, making it difficult to choose which one to purchase.

We’ve whittled down the worthy options for you in this post while keeping durability, safety, and reliability in mind. The following are our top selections for the best bamboo steamers available:

Best Overall: Prime Home Direct Bamboo Steamer Basket

Prime Home Direct Bamboo Steamer Basket

Prime Home Direct Bamboo

  • Brand – Prime Home Direct
  • Material – Bamboo
  • Color – Brown
  • Size – 10-Inch

Prime Home Direct Bamboo steamer basket has water-resistant walls and is composed of pure organic bamboo, protecting food from stored water through condensation. 

Because of the sturdy construction, heat can be distributed evenly throughout, resulting in food that is cooked to perfection. 

The steam cooker should be properly air-dried after being hand-washed with soap and warm water. Do not put it in the oven, dishwasher, or microwave.

Instead, add 2-3 inches of water to a frying pan or wok pan and let it simmer to use your veggie steamer.

A 10″ steamer basket, 2 sets of chopsticks, 50 reusable paper liners, and 1 ceramic sauce dish are all included with this food steamer. It is non-sticky and ideal for steaming vegetables, meat, and fish.

It can also be used to boil Japanese rice for sushi or dim sum, or steam dumplings. This food steamer is a need in every kitchen.

Best Value: Helen’s Asian Kitchen Bamboo Food Steamer

Helen’s Asian Kitchen Bamboo Food Steamer

Helen's Asian Kitchen

  • Brand – Helen Asian Kitchen
  • Material – Bamboo
  • Color – Natural Bamboo
  • Size – 12-Inch

The bamboo steamer from Helen’s Asian Kitchen helps you make nutritious meals daily. You can steam veggies, fish, dumplings, or seafood using this.

The steamer is entirely constructed of natural bamboo. Consequently, it improves the food’s inherent flavor. It is 12 inches in diameter and is great for cooking large quantities of food and even for reheating because it retains steam nicely.

To use the steamer, set it over another pan or pot that has boiling water in it. Evaporation from boiling water will pass through the racks and keep the steamer’s lid warm.

Food that has been steamed retains its fresh flavors, textures, and nutrients. In addition, heat and stains won’t damage it, making cleanup a breeze for you.

Best Sustainable: Mister Kitchenware Handmade Bamboo Steamer Basket

Mister Kitchenware Handmade Bamboo Steamer Basket

Mister Kitchenware

  • Brand – Mister Kitchenware
  • Material – Bamboo
  • Color – Brown
  • Size – 10-Inch

This bamboo steamer has both options slatted bottoms and stackable layers. This multi-level steamer is very effective because it lets you steam multiple items at once. This product guarantees durability due to the use of strong materials and conventional procedures.

In addition, two-tiered baskets provide enough room to cook or reheat more servings simultaneously. Finally, it is safe to use, even in the microwave, as it is composed entirely of bamboo components!

Additionally, it has a depth of 2.5 inches, allowing for expansion and improved steam circulation. In addition, the set comes with extras, including 10 round mesh liners, two sets of chopsticks, and a sauce dish.

The steamer is made of a circular bamboo frame with slats that allow steam to flow freely inside the cooking chamber. 

In addition, the bamboo-mesh lid’s dom encourages heat to circulate. The surplus moisture is absorbed by bamboo steamers, which stops condensation from pouring onto the meal.

Best 6-inch(Mini): Yuho Asian Kitchen Bamboo Steamer Basket

Yuho Asian Kitchen Bamboo Steamer Basket

Yuho Asian Kitchen

  • Brand – Yuho Asian Kitchen
  • Material – Bamboo
  • Color – Green
  • Size – 6-Inch

It’s ideal for people who have never used a bamboo steamer! Although other sizes are available, the 6-inch variety is the least expensive.

The Yuho bamboo steamer is made entirely of natural bamboo. It has no wires, metal, or plastic. Therefore, it is ideal for preparing fresh vegetables, eggs, meat, poultry, fish, and shellfish, as well as buns and dumplings. 

Yuho Bamboo Steamer aids in preserving important nutrients and vibrant flavors. Put the steamer above the boiling water to cook; its two-tiered design provides additional space for cooking many items at once.

It includes 10 perforated parchment bamboo steamer liners along with unique color boxes that make it easy to store the items while not in use.

Rub it with a towel after giving it a hot water rinse. Avoid direct sunshine and allow things to air dry.

Best Budget-Friendly: Joyce Chen Bamboo Steamer Basket

Joyce Chen Bamboo Steamer Basket

Joyce Chen 2-Tier Bamboo

  • Brand – Joyce Chen
  • Material – Bamboo
  • Color – Natural
  • Size – medium

The Joyce Chen Bamboo Steamer has two tiers in its design. The steamer is ideal for vegetables, fish, pork, and dumplings. You can prepare multiple items at once using three baskets.

The basket’s lid stays tight to allow for consistent steaming and easily fits over larger pots. Thanks to its stackable baskets, you may cook as much or as little as you need. 

It is undeniable that steaming food improves your daily meals in a healthy way because it uses less fat, oil, or butter.

Best Steamer with Metal Ring: HAPPi STUDIO Bamboo Steamer Basket with Stainless Steel Ring

HAPPi STUDIO Bamboo Steamer Basket with Stainless Steel Ring


  • Brand – Happi Studio
  • Material – Bamboo
  • Color – Natural Light Yellow
  • Size – 10-inch

You’ll appreciate it for its strong design in addition to its steamer ring. It is made of tough, natural bamboo that can survive repeated use and soaking. In addition, the steamer baskets’ improved 2.3-inch depth makes them dependable cookware that can prepare any dish.

The stainless steamer ring with this convenient bamboo steamer set makes it easier to fit your basket onto any pot, pan, or wok between 8 and 11 inches wide. 

Additionally, this metal ring shields the bamboo basket’s outside from burning. Two washable and reusable cotton fabric liners are also included.

The additional depth is especially great for steaming buns because it gives the dough plenty of room to expand.

Steaming with a food steamer helps food retain the majority of vitamins while preserving flavor and texture. For quick and nutritious meal preparation, steamer baskets can be used to prepare chicken, fish, broccoli, and other leafy greens.

Best eco-friendly set: Annie’s Kitchen Premium Handmade Bamboo Steamer Basket

Annie’s Kitchen Premium Handmade Bamboo Steamer Basket

Annie’s Kitchen Complete Set

  • Brand – Annie’s Kitchen
  • Material – Bamboo
  • Color – Natural
  • Size – 10-inch

If you’re searching to purchase bamboo steamer sets, Annie’s Kitchen’s eco-friendly package is a good investment. Along with being reasonably priced, it has all the necessities for steaming plus more.

This cookware uses organic bamboo that was sustainably harvested rather than glue or other chemicals to hold it together. As a result, it is a biodegradable set that ensures food safety and environmentally friendly disposal because it is devoid of BPA and other toxins.

This bamboo steamer package also includes two sets of bamboo chopsticks, four reusable, unbleached cotton liners, and a two-tier bamboo steamer. Additionally, it comes with a spoon for the dumpling fillings and a dumpling press in case you want to construct your own dim sum. 

You may enjoy your steaming experience without stress if you purchase these useful additions with your steamer. In addition, because of the open weave pattern of handwoven baskets, more steam can pass through, and food may steam more quickly. 

Place fresh herbs, spices, or aromatics between the meats and veggies. For improved flavor, steam over broth rather than water. High-quality materials guarantee life and durability.

Best Style: Noble Nest Deluxe Bamboo Steamer Basket

Noble Nest Deluxe Bamboo Steamer Basket

Noble Nest Deluxe Bamboo Steamer Basket

  • Brand – Noble Nest
  • Material – Bamboo
  • Color – Bamboo
  • Size – 10-inch

This dumpling steamer comes with a 10″ two-tiered basket with a cover. It also includes a pair of reusable chopsticks, silicone liners, ceramic sauce bowls, and wooden tongs.

The Noble Nest Bamboo Steamer Basket is more durable and long-lasting than most bamboo steamers since it is built of a combination of wood, bamboo, and stainless steel. 

This kind of wood’s delicate scent can add a lovely taste undertone when steaming food. In addition, the stainless steel keeps the steam’s heat and moisture out of the basket.

This steamer’s big 10-inch diameter offers a lot of surface area for cooking various items. Put some dumplings on one tier and prepare vegetables on the next.

Best Expensive: Bamboo Steamer Basket

Bamboo Steamer Basket

Bamboo Steamer Basket

  • Brand – Zest Of Moringa
  • Material – Bamboo
  • Color – Khaki
  • Size – 10-inch

This 10-inch bamboo steamer is made of 100% natural bamboo and is ideal for steaming bao buns, vegetables, fish, rice, eggs, and momos without using any oil.

A 2-tiered dumpling maker provides enough space to prepare a single dish or several. It includes 4 Reusable Silicone Liners, an 11″ Ring Adapter, and a 10″ Veggie Steamer with Lid.

Avoid scratching pots or putting your bamboo steaming basket into the boiling water using the steamer adapter ring. It fits any steamer pot measuring 7″ to 11″ and directs all steam into a bamboo basket.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Bamboo Steamer Basket

There are many options available, so picking the ideal one depends on how well it meets your demands.

Bamboo steamers may appear to be identical at first glance. However, Before making the best bamboo steamer a part of your kitchen, consider the following:


When determining its size, you should consider the diameter and the number of levels your steamer has. Many often select 10 inches since it is the ideal diameter for fitting pots, pans, and woks in most households.

Finding the optimum size to fit your kitchen depends on the number of people you’re cooking for or the quantity of food you want to create.

For smaller households or servings, getting two layers will be more practical. However, be aware that you can prepare more food at once the more tiers there are. Choosing a steamer with more than two layers is therefore advantageous.


For the safety of your food, make sure the bamboo steamer you choose is free of BPA and other dangerous industrial chemicals. 

Choosing the most durable type is important, along with safety. Therefore, be sure to purchase one made of high-quality bamboo.


Bamboo steamers typically all have a similar standard structure. However, a few minor variations could make your experience. 

Some steamers also incorporate metal components, such as outer rings, to boost longevity and guarantee that the steamer will maintain its shape. 

While these components are acceptable if you intend to use your steamer with pans, they present a risk if you intend to microwave it.


Your choice of well-built steamers greatly influences the quality of your cookware. Wider bamboo steamers ensure good steam flow, which improves the cooking of the food inside. 

On the other hand, steamers made of copper are prone to corrosion, while those made of glue may melt and fall apart easily.


When buying a steamer, paying attention to the lid’s fit is vital. To avoid leaving any holes that could allow steam to escape, they should fit snugly. 

Handwoven lids are advised with a tighter weave since they effectively contain steam. Additionally, a secure lid is essential to generating the most steam inside the cookware.

How Does The Bamboo Steamer Basket Work?

A bamboo steamer sits over another pot of boiling water to produce steam. The steam is drawn into the steamer through the open bottom. 

Any condensation is absorbed by the bamboo steamer, preventing water from falling back onto the meal. When heated, it transforms into a hot container that can keep food warm for up to 30 minutes when covered. 

Steamed foods keep their vitamins and minerals and cook rapidly and evenly with little to no additional oil or fat.

How To Care For A Bamboo Steamer Basket

Bamboo steamers are simple to clean, especially if the layers have been lined before use. Washing your steamer basket in hot water is the best way to clean it. However, the process is as simple as following these instructions.

  • Clean the food steamer by rinsing it in water.
  • Put the bamboo in warm water to soak.
  • Use soapy water to rinse.
  • Use a nylon scrubber sparingly.
  • Apply oil to the steamer after each washing.
  • Food shouldn’t be placed directly on the steamer.

Final Words

Since the bamboo steamer doesn’t require any fat in addition to oil and butter, it is obvious that it will produce far healthier food than boiling or frying. 

The Prime Home Direct Bamboo Steamer won top honors on our list for its robust, splinter-free construction and flawless cooking performance. 

We also like Helen’s Asian Kitchen Bamboo Food Steamer and Mister Kitchenware Handmade Bamboo Steamer as our 2nd and 3rd top pick.

Free chopsticks and a wax paper liner are included with each steamer basket as protection. The bamboo steamer will last longer if you hand wash it with soap and warm water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bamboo steamer baskets are favored for their natural, eco-friendly material that imparts a distinct flavor to food. Their stackable design allows for simultaneous steaming of multiple dishes, retaining moisture and nutrients.

Are bamboo steamers healthy?

Your dish will have fewer calories because you won’t need to add extra butter, oil, or other fat when steaming. In comparison to boiling in water or heating in a pan, steaming also preserves more essential minerals and vitamins.

Is a bamboo steamer worth it?

A bamboo steamer is worthwhile for additional reasons, including its affordability, low weight, and environmental friendliness compared to all other steamer solutions. 

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