Best Enameled Cast Iron Cookware

In addition to traditional cast iron cookware, you’ve probably heard of enameled cast iron. Enamel-coated cast-iron skillets, pots, and pans are nonstick and have a nonstick enamel coating.

Enamel cast iron cookware is durable, low-maintenance, easy to clean, healthy, and heat-retaining. In addition, it is sturdy and long-lasting.

You can use it for searing and baking. It’s easier to maintain than seasoned cast iron cookware because it doesn’t have a nonstick peeling coating.

The enamel coating makes it easier to maintain than typical cast iron because there’s no need to season the surface. This cookware works on gas, electric, induction, grill, and traditional ovens.

There are so many colors available for enamel cast iron. On the other hand, traditional cast iron comes in a limited range of colors. So which enameled cast iron cookware brand is the best of the many options available to us?

Best Enameled Cast Iron Cookware

Enameled Cast Iron

Today’s market offers enameled cast iron skillets, pots, Dutch ovens, and more. Enameled cast iron has many advantages over regular cast iron.

Enamel cast iron is sturdy, long-lasting, and easier to clean and cook with than regular cast iron.

Enameled cast iron pans may make cooking and cleaning cast iron cookware a breeze, and this guide can help you find the right one.

If you’ve never used this cookware, you’ll adore it. Enameled cast iron combines classic cuisine with modern conveniences. It’s an investment.

I’ve scoured the market for enameled cast iron and came up with the top product lines. For the greatest in enameled cast iron cookware, Le Creuset and Staub make the Best enameled cast iron.

Both businesses have spent decades finding high-quality materials, refining designs, and manufacturing in France.

In addition, Lodge, Tramontina, and Cuisinart enamel have decades of experience making cast iron.

What’s the best option for you?

Find out more by reading on.

Le Creuset

Le Creuset

Le Creuset

  • Material – Cast Iron
  • Brand – Le Creuset
  • Finish – Type Enamel

Le Creuset is the greatest option for those who are ready to pay for the best. For individuals who are comfortable in the kitchen with cast iron, I’d suggest the Le Creuset items.

Le Creuset is not the best choice for a newbie cook. At the very least, not until you understand how to cook and care for enameled cast iron properly. It looks fantastic on the stovetop and matches other enameled cast iron cookware.

Le Creuset offers a core color selection and launches new colors periodically to maintain its brand fresh and in fashion.

Their enamel coating is the best in the business. Smooth, nonporous glass enamel. That implies acidic foods won’t react with cast iron, and food release is excellent. It’s also easy to use and clean.

Because of the quality of the cast iron, the lid fits securely and is lighter than others. In addition, the oven’s large handles are created from the same quality materials and design to ensure equal heating no matter the heat source.

Le Creuset provides nine sizes of their 5.5-quart Dutch oven. They range from 1 quart to 13.25 quarts, accommodating any family or person.


  • Excellent heat distribution and retention
  • It is available in a variety of appealing colors.
  • Handles with large looped ends.


  • Expensive




  • Brand – STAUB
  • Material – Cast Iron
  • Special Feature – Gas Stovetop Compatible

Another culinary workhorse is an enameled cast-iron frying pan. It has many of cast iron’s features without maintenance.

Staub employs a textured black enamel cooking surface that looks elegant and retains heat. Many cookware shapes and sizes have a black interior and colored enamel on the exterior, making them easy to coordinate with other pots and pans in your cabinet and kitchen.

This cast iron skillet can handle high temperatures, but it’s versatile and very durable. It’s ideal for searing a steak.

The cooking surface is evenly heated with its exceptional heat retention and distribution. It makes frying fish, eggs, and pancakes easy and uniform.

This pan isn’t seasoned. Raw cast iron won’t develop the same nonstick qualities. However, you can soak or dishwasher-safe your Staub frying pan.

Staub makes 10-inch and 12-inch enameled cast iron skillets. 10-inch skillets are great one- or two-person pans. A 12-inch pan is ideal for bacon and pancakes when cooking for more than three people.

This cooking pan is expensive. However, Staub and Le Creuset are similar in quality and longevity. This is a lifetime investment that looks nice.


  • Durable
  • High heat is best with matte black enamel.


  • Pricey
  • The helper handle might be bigger




  • Material – Cast Iron
  • Brand – Lodge
  • Finish Type – Enamel

Cast iron cookware from Lodge is of excellent quality at a reasonable price.

Lodge has made cast iron Dutch ovens and cookware for decades. With so much experience, enameled cast iron cookware was inevitable. This cast iron oven with a porcelain enamel finish is sturdy.

Lodge Color Enamel Dutch Oven, 6 quarts, is a must-have. It’s a strong Dutch oven with a light-colored interior that can resist high temperatures and cook soups, cakes, bread, and brownies.

Lodge’s affordable casserole dish is between a Dutch oven and a frying pan. Combining the dishes saves money and space.

Versatility is a casserole’s biggest benefit. The Lodge 3.6-quart casserole is wonderful for braising, stir-frying, and searing steaks.

The glass-enamel cooking surface functions and looks like Le Creuset. The nonporous coating protects cast iron and eliminates maintenance.

Lodge’s cast iron cookware has been around for almost 120 years. Recent enamel-coated cast iron venture. At that price, it’s worth a shot.


  • Low-cost
  • Excellent heat retention and distribution


  • Quiet Heavy
  • Rounded bottom




  • Brand – Tramontina
  • Material – Cast Iron
  • Finish Type – Enamel

Those who value a strong warranty and customer service should also consider this package.

Enamel cast-iron Tramontina Porcelain enamel allows for consistent heat distribution and avoids food from sticking. Thick walls insulate and evenly distribute heat to prevent hot spots that burn food. This dutch oven produces reliable results.

Oval Dutch ovens are used similarly to round ones. Consider this model if you braise or roast a lot of large meat cuts.

For example, oval shapes work well for ribs or a large pot roast, but not on electric stovetops with smaller burners.


  • Affordable
  • Color variety


  • Easily stained
  • Season ribs

See how to make bread in a Tramontina Dutch oven.




  • Brand – Cuisinart
  • Material – Cast Iron
  • Special Feature – Induction Stovetop Compatible

Cuisinart is a cheaper, high-quality alternative to Le Creuset. It combines performance and affordability.

Cuisinart’s enameled cast iron pots are called “casseroles” and act like a Dutch oven, Cocotte, or French oven.

Cuisinart’s 7-quart round casserole is perfect for cooking, dining, and entertaining.

The interior of porcelain enamel cookware doesn’t transmit flavors or absorb scents. Stovetop, oven, and broiler safe; induction compliant. Easy maintenance and dishwasher-safe cleaning.

Oven-safe knobs and wide grips provide improved heat retention and consistent heat distribution. A strong, durable porcelain enamel exterior in rich colors fits any kitchen design, suitable for cooking, serving, and entertaining.


  • Proficient
  • Cleanability
  • Well-priced


  • Some handles chipped
  • Less appealing than rivals

You can also go for Chef’s Classic Enameled Cast Iron Skillet. You can check the Skillet demo below

What To Look For When Buying Enameled Cast Iron?


It’s essential to consider factors like the type of cast iron core and the amount of enameled layers.

Enamel pans have at least three layers, so they don’t leach metal into food, which is hazardous and can cause allergic reactions.

Some pans have more than six layers. In addition, a thick enamel coating prevents metal contamination in food.


Enamel cast-iron skillets are pricey. However, they should be durable to get your money’s worth.

If the pan has a good guarantee, it can be replaced without difficulty if it breaks or chips.


If you’re single, choose a pan that’s small enough for the stovetop and oven but large enough for more than one person.


The shape lets you cook different dishes. Round, square, rectangle, oval, and more are available.


Handles are also important. The handle should be comfortable and easy to grip.

For cast iron skillets, a looped assist handle is useful. It lets you grip the skillet with two hands, making it more secure.

Dutch ovens need wide loop handles. If you can carry it, a cast iron Dutch oven can go from cooktop to table. Even with oven mitts, a large loop handle makes carrying cookware easy.


It should be durable and long-lasting, yet not too heavy to carry. If the pan is too thin, food won’t cook evenly since the heat won’t be uniformly distributed.


A tight-fitting cover is essential if you want delicate veggies, juicy braised meat, and fluffy rice.

However, not every piece has a lid. The cover is usually included when cooking in a dutch oven, although frying pans and skillets are not.


Enamel comes in many colors. The majority of people prefer colors and styles. Some brands have additional options.

If you want a specific color, look for a brand that offers it.

Advantages of Enameled Cast iron Cookware

  • No seasoning needed
  • Acidic food is not advised in bare cast iron cookware; however, you can cook anything with enamel cast iron.
  • Cast iron cookware is usually black, but enamel cookware comes in many colors.
  • Products made of cast iron are long-lasting and adaptable.

Disadvantages of Enameled Cast iron Cookware

  • Enameled cast iron’s cooking surface doesn’t need to be seasoned. It lacks some nonstick characteristics.
  • The enamel surface of enameled cast iron is prone to chipping. So, only use silicone or wooden utensils.
  • Enameled cast iron may take longer to heat and hold heat less than ordinary cast iron.
  • Enamel-coated cast iron cookware costs more than traditional cast iron since it’s more durable.

How To Care For Enameled Cast Iron?

Enamel cast iron cookware is pricey. You want your money to last. Avoid metal utensils to protect your kitchenware. The metal can chip enamel.

Clean enameled cast iron promptly after use. Prompt cleaning helps prevent enamel stains. In addition, it’s easy to clean.

Enamel cast iron should be hand washed. Some cookware makers say it’s dishwasher-safe. I’d be wary of using the dishwasher. Handwashing is safer.

Enamel cast iron doesn’t like severe heat. Hot cast iron pans in cold water can break the enamel.

Slow heating and cooling are best. Slow and steady cleans cookware best.

Making The Final Decision

Le Creuset enameled cast iron cookware

Le Creuset enameled cast iron cookware has the greatest quality and reputation. Performance and durability are unmatched.

Le Creuset combines durability, performance, and elegance. Lodge and Tramontina are still good cookware if you’re not ready to invest.

Staub and Le Creuset are the best enameled cast iron makers. You can check the detailed comparison of Staub vs Le Creuset Here.

Quality enamel cookware is expensive. I might as well spend the money on something durable.

If it’s too expensive, buy it piece by piece. But, first, get what you need.

Also, there are some good cheap options for enameled cast iron.

Cuisinart would be my choice for a budget set. It’s well-reviewed and affordable, so it’s a good choice.

Cuisinart is a reliable, high-value workhorse. It’s not as great as the competition, though.

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