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Misen Carbon Steel Pan Review

Want to buy a carbon steel pan? But Confused about which one to buy.

Today I’ll share my experience with Misen carbon steel pan, especially compared to traditional brands.

Carbon steel pans are high-quality cookware. For many people, carbon steel pans are the best home cooking option. On the other hand, you can buy many different brands of carbon steel pans, But the Misen Carbon Steel Pan is one of the best options among them.

These pans are less expensive than cast iron and last longer. Due to these features, it makes likely that they’d offer a pan of this level.

Professional chefs around the world prefer carbon steel pans to cast iron. It is formed of steel and carbon but in different proportions than cast iron.

It’s lighter, less brittle, and smoother than cast iron, with similar durability and adaptability.

As a result, carbon steel pans can be used for searing, frying, sauteing, and broiling on induction, BBQ grills, and campfires. Like cast iron, carbon steel requires upkeep to retain its seasoning, but it’s durable when cared for.

Overview of Misen

Misen was formed in 2015, making it a relatively new cookware company. As a result, you won’t be able to find any of their products in your local kitchen supply stores.

When you buy directly from Misen, the merchandise has no markups because it is a direct-to-consumer business. However, online shopping has certain drawbacks, such as that you can’t test out things before purchasing them.

Good thing the Misen carbon steel pan has been getting a lot of use. It’s crucial to remember these things when purchasing a Misen or any other carbon steel pan.

Check out the detailed analysis that follows.

Misen Carbon Steel Pan Reviews

Misen Carbon Steel Pan

  • Brand – Misen
  • Material – Titanium
  • Has Nonstick Coating – Yes
  • Is Dishwasher Safe – Yes

Misen carbon steel pans are among the most innovative pieces of cookware now available on the market. Durability, nonstick ability, and overall use were considered for each product.

Whether you’re a frequent cook or just use your kitchen a few times a year, we think Misen cookware is an excellent option for everyone.

Misen products are popular among young people due to their high-quality, low-cost cookware. In addition, they have true nonstick characteristics, something many other nonstick coating pans promise but don’t deliver.

Misen carbon steel pans are healthy. Multiple layers make them robust and good heat conductors.

Misen competes with French firms that have made carbon steel pans for over a century.


  • A familiar frying pan form makes it simple to use.
  • The cooking surface is larger than most of the competition
  • The silicone handle keeps cool and is detachable.
  • Product quality and durability
  • Tested and user-friendly


  • Expensive in comparison to many traditional alternatives
  • Thin sides cause more cooktop to spatter
  • Heavy but lighter than cast iron

Essential Things To Know About Misen Carbon Steel Pans

Carbon steel pans by Misen combine the best features of both cast iron and stainless steel pans in one convenient package.

If you want the greatest nonstick pan, you need to think about aspects like the pan’s durability and features.


Carbon steel Misen pans are more adaptable than cast iron. They’re lighter and more durable.

In addition to a triple-layered inside and an aluminum core, they have a five-layered exterior. Without the silicone grips, they can survive 900°F.


One of the most notable advantages of Misen carbon steel pans is their low weight. You won’t get tired of using them in the kitchen. When it comes to cooking, Misen carbon steel pans are a great choice.



Handles on the carbon steel pans differ from those on the stainless steel Misen pans in that they are flat rather than rounded.

When you’re pouring ingredients, the handle won’t rotate because of this design, which gives you more control over tilt.

Adding a blue silicone sleeve on the handle further reduces the temperature. The silicon cover is only oven safe up to 500 F. However, the pan can go up to 900 F.



In terms of design, the Misen carbon steel pan is a simple and effective one. It has a large, flat bottom, straight, angled edges, and a curved metal handle.

The outside and the cooking surface both have a dull gray tint.

There are many advantages to using this pan for searing because it has a larger cooking surface and allows more moisture to be released, leading to an even superior crust.

The Misen carbon steel pan is identical to the pans you’ll find in any professional kitchen in its simplicity and functionality.

Cooking Performance

Misen’s carbon steel pans can cook practically anything that isn’t acidic.

Misen carbon steel pans are heat-resistant. In addition, the pan is oven-safe to 900°F without silicone handles and 500°F with them.

Carbon steel heats up slower than stainless. However, it warms faster than cast iron and retains heat effectively once heated.

Misen’s carbon steel pans cook just about everything. Sear meat, roast veggies, and fry fowl.

Overall, it’s higher maintenance than stainless steel or nonstick cookware, but it’s longer-lasting, heat-tolerant, and more adaptable.

Oven Safe

Misen oven-safe items include:

  • Misen silicone pan handles are oven-safe to 900°F.
  • Misen nonstick: 450° oven-safe
  • Misen steel pans: 500-degree oven-safe

Check the oven-safe temperature of each Misen pan before using it.

Dishwasher safe

The majority of Misen products are dishwasher friendly, making cleanup a breeze.

Dishwashing or soaking pans cause rust. Just be sure to hand-wash your carbon steel pans to preserve their metal properties.

The dishwasher destroys steel pans’ nonstick seasoning. So don’t use aggressive cleaners on Misen carbon steel pans.


When purchasing a pan, compatibility is also a factor to keep in mind. Induction ovens are not compatible with all stainless steel cookware. As one of the most adaptable lines of cookware, Misen’s products are oven safe in stainless steel, nonstick, and carbon steel.


Most pans made of carbon steel can be purchased at reasonable prices. For example, the typical price range for a 10-inch model is between $30 and $75.

Misen, on the other hand, comes with a useful silicon grip and an intuitive design. In addition, Misen’s carbon steel cookware is affordable.

It costs $65, $75, and $85 for Misen’s 8-inch carbon steel pan, 10-inch, and 12-inch pans. All three are $175 bundled.

Because these pans can last a lifetime, these prices are great.

Is It Nonstick?

Is It Nonstick?

Carbon steel pans are known for being nonstick.

Nonstick pans are easy to use and clean. But unfortunately, nonstick coatings aren’t durable.

Traditional nonstick cookware loses nonstick qualities over time. In addition, high temperatures and metal can damage them.

Carbon steel cookware from Misen comes pre-seasoned and has a naturally nonstick surface due to the composition of the material.

In addition, they can hold polymerized oil, which provides a nonstick layer and protects pans from moisture.

How Do You Clean A Misen Carbon Steel Pan?

Misen cookware is cleaned similarly to cast iron.

  • First, scrub your pan with hot water and a sponge. Don’t use metal or soap. Wipe out extra oil and food, then dry the pan (inside and out).
  • Put your pan on low heat to evaporate any remaining liquid. Carbon steel rusts when wet, so properly dry the pan.
  • After heating the pan, oil the interior and exterior and let it cool. Then, wipe off the pan and store it.

Like cast iron, never put carbon steel in a dishwasher. Harsh detergents destroy seasoning and damage pans.

How Do You Season A Misen Carbon Steel Pan?

Seasoning protects a pan. It prevents corrosion and makes the pan nonstick.

Misen carbon steel pans are nonstick when properly seasoned. However, for the seasoning to set up effectively, it takes numerous layers and usage.

Misen carbon steel pans require the following seasoning:

  • First, remove the protective wax from your Misen carbon steel pan using a sponge and hot soapy water.
  • Then, use a paper towel to clean the pan thoroughly.
  • Add a few drops of oil to the pan and heat it on the stovetop for a few minutes.
  • Use a paper towel to apply oil to the pan’s interior and exterior.
  • Turn the heat down to low or medium and wait for the pan to start smoking.
  • Finally, remove the pan from the heat, remove excess oil, and let it cool.

Or you can season it in the oven. To season carbon steel, lightly coat the pan with high-heat cooking oil and bake it in a hot oven. It cooks oil onto the pan, providing a thin protective layer.

Misen carbon steel pans can be used without oil for the first few times, although you should still use them.

The seasoning will make the pan nonstick over time, so greasing it won’t be necessary.

Making The Final Decision

Carbon steel frying pans are my favorites. Even though it does require some upkeep, I enjoy seeing how the pan evolves and improves with each use.

Carbon steel pans are versatile and nonstick, making them essential kitchenware. Misen carbon steel pans are a good choice if you want to replace or try a steel pan. They make cooking healthier, easier, and more enjoyable.

You should begin here if you have never worked with cookware made of carbon steel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Misen carbon steel?

Carbon steel is both lighter and more durable than cast iron. However, carbon steel can rust, so wipe it down after each usage.

Is Misen nonstick?

Misen makes PFOA-free nonstick cookware. They advise hand-washing nonstick cookware and avoiding excessive heat.

What tools work with Misen carbon steel cookware?

Carbon steel is scratch-resistant and durable so that you can use any utensils. Use high-temperature silicone or wood utensils to avoid scraping off the seasoning.

Is the Misen carbon steel pan induction-compatible?

Carbon steel is comprised of magnetic iron. As a result of this, carbon steel pans are induction-safe.

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